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WhaleTides And Its Place in The Grand Scheme of Things

I had the experience on Sunday eve Eastern Australian, time to share WhaleTides with yet another group of people invited by Dr Scarla Weeks from OceanSpace a highly respected recently retired Oceanographer who has built up a Lifetime of Experience in Understanding the Planet and its relationship with our Oceans both from underneath the ocean surface as a diver and from a stellar perspective as a Satellite Imagery Researcher who worked hand in hand with a team at NASA throughout her career. She holds Ocean Retreats now and recently completed one with respected Sydney based Yoga Teacher Jacqui Giuliano. They advertised this WhaleTides Concert to the Retreat as a follow up.

The Feedback has once again been really incredibly inspiring to me as it not only validates my “Faith” in the WhaleTides “Concept” but is proof of the power of a New Wave of possibilities for musicians to share our music Live via the Internet to a Global Market

“I wanted to say thank you for the wonderful concert the other night. You may have received some of my feedback via Scarla, but I did want to let you know personally how much I enjoyed it. Even though there were a few technical glitches, I enjoyed both the soundscape and the images. At first I expected to just close my eyes and listen, but found myself quite transfixed by the images. I found it meditative and relaxing, and also enjoyed that as it was at an 8pm time frame, leaving me feeling in a super relaxed state to enjoy a restful and peaceful sleep. I’m also glad that I waited until today to let you have my response as I find the reverie that I experienced during your performance has spontaneously dropped into my consciousness at various times in the days since, and I have been able to directly link it to what I felt during your performance.”

David Feb 21 2018 …on a misty cool summers morning here in the Bay after welcome rain last night