The definition of Mental Fitness is our ability to respond to Life’s challenges with a Positive rather than a Negative or Stress and Anxiety related state of Mind and Emotional responses


Shirzad Chamine

Creator Founder and Author of Positive Intelligence NY Times Best Seller

Translated into 20 languages Worlwide

If we are Physically Unfit we get really tierd when climbing mountains 

If we’re not Mentally fit, we feel and experience all our familiar Mental Stresses,                                               such as Anxiety, Frustration, Anger and Unhappiness , as we attempt to handle life, work and relationship challenges.

For most of us, our lives are  not lived to our Optimal Potential, and this is only due to not being Mentally and Emotionally fit.
We are habituated through our life’s difficulties, to use the wrong responses and pathways in our Brains Neural Circuitry, resulting in unfulfilled relationships.

80% of over 500,000 people tested, score below the minimum level of Mental Fitness required for consistent Well Being and an overall sense of fulfilment I


With the recent breakthroughs in Neuroscience and its advancing remarkable technology, Shirzad has been able to research the exact exercises and practices that cause our Brains to develop the

“Muscles “ that lead precisely and directly to improve our Mental Fitness PQ score significantly, within 6 weeks of practice.

This is clearly visible under MRI scans, as Neuroplastic growth in the areas of our Brains that are directly associated with all Positive, Creative and Performance enhanced capacities.


All of the PI course exercises are researched directly in real time while participants are under MRI scanners to understand what is working to achieve the course goals and what isn’t .


The focus of these exercises works with those aspects of our Brains, that generate all our Positive responses, and what has been equally noticed at the same time, significantly reducing our habitual pathways and connections to the Negativity inducing parts of our Brain .

NeuroScience has allowed us to understand, as mentioned, exactly what will cause a fundamental and permanent shift and rewiring of our Brains, allowing for long-lasting Transformational change within an individual and a more Positive way of daily living affecting all our relationships, and this results in a big shift in Productivity and Performance

 We will transition successfully and become more permanently wired to respond to life’s circumstances with a Positive and not a Negative stress based frame of mind

Positive Intelligence and the Mental Fitness Training Program Research Foundation

This extensive research at Stanford Universities Medical Research Center, is the basis of Shirzad Chamine’s New York Times bestselling book, Positive Intelligence, and Stanford lectures.
It is a synthesis of the latest breakthroughs in Neuroscience, Cognitive and Positive Psychology, and Performance Science.

This breakthrough research work has been achieved by working with hundreds of CEOs and their executive teams.

The Guiding Principle is :
With greater Self Command over our own minds, and emotional responses, we can tackle our greatest challenges with more Calmness, Clarity, Creativity, Insight and Wisdom, knowing where and how to take laser focused action, when necessary.