Highly Effective, Individually Composed, Meditation Music  Created  From Your Own Personal Sound DNA SoulPrint 




A Safe Specific Doorway to the Benefits of Daily Meditation

Words by Charles Bowes-Taylor

                                         The Maestro & Master | David Kantey
  An old friend of mine, a very talented artist and composer, David Kantey, has recently come up with a unique idea: the creation of a personalised ‘sound soul key’. The concept is based on him spending many hours with you in order to determine which musical frequencies resonate with you. He composes all his own arrangements and, after spending this time with you, puts it all together and presents this unique creation to you. I have loved and listened to his music for many years but nothing could have prepared me for the piece that he has just created for me. The depths that David is able to go to with his own feelings and then get an intuitive sense of what is going to resonate and move you, is an experience that is impossible to describe. His music goes way, way beyond the commonly know meditation pieces and music played in Yoga classes. As the world leans more and more toward dreary mediocrity, David moves the other way and shines with his brilliant musical light. The piece that he composed for me found its way swiftly deep down into my core and my soul. His music engulfed me and took me to places that I did not know existed and I was lost in the ecstasy and agony of his playing. In fact, I would be delighted if this piece of his could be playing when I one day move into another realm. So sublime is his music. In another life, he could have composed film scores amongst the likes of Ennio Morricone and Vangelis. His idea of this marvellous creation is to use this as a meditation tool and as a way of relieving anxiety and stress. Music is such a powerful and safe mood altering substance. David Kantey has a unique gift and it really deserves to be shared. I urge you to listen to it…make sure that you are alone and preferably have headphones on. https://cl.ly/8583af26bd99 By the way, his music is not for the faint hearted or the shallow.

SoulTides Testimonial of the Meditation Benefits

George Tsougrianis Canadian Short Film and TV News Director :
David : I’m still lost for words regarding my SoulTides sound key. To say it is profound would be a gross understatement. Listening it for 2 days in a row now I noticed a few things. First, I have a deep sense of love and gratitude for all of life and for being alive. Love is especially a strong emotion that surfaces along with hope. I can’t put my finger on it but every time the orchestra comes in I get this sensation of calm it’s like the equivalent of my mom telling me I’m okay only on a much more cosmic level. It’s been a difficult week at work and being overwhelmed and I found myself using the key at the end of the day to relax and calm myself down which it does by this intense release of emotion. Also one other thing… i have this overwhelming urge to work with you on this somehow , that it’s the only thing that truly matters… connecting with this level of consciousness.. it usually surfaces in the orchestra section as well. It’s a bit of a ramble but I wanted to share some of this with you.

About SoulTides

THE SOULTIDES PROCESS SOULTIDES is a groundbreaking approach to ANXIETY AND STRESS RELIEF, as well as a wonderful and more easily accessible doorway to the benefits that the Daily practice of Meditation has on our entire Being. Creating your SoulTide SoundTrack, involves 4 x 1hr Online Sessions with me, Exploring, Finding and then my creating each Individuals unique Music/Sound “Fingerprint”, which takes about 3 days to Compose. Each Online Call is in itself a Deeply Healing and Therapeutic process, creating within each person a deep sense of Peace and Harmony during the session. THE 4 part PROCESS : 1. Finding all the Elements needed from the sessions and then composing the Individuals Specific SoulTides Therapeutic Soundtrack. 2. Testing the Composition with the Individual 3. The Final SoulTide Soundtrack Experience 4. A personal Guided WhaleTides Experience – An Audio Visual Journey into the Heart and Soul of a Close Encounter I experienced with a Whale here in our Bay plus the final download available of your SoulTides SoundTrack The ANXIETY AND STRESS RELIEF Benefits  Anxiety and Stress  affect all of us in varied degree of intensity, but in some of us the effects are more extreme and often leads to Self Destructive patterns in our Bodies and in particular our Brains, that needs a really focused intervention, either externally or internally, to change this… or in other words to break the cycle and create healthy alternatives. … A large part of our Stress and Anxiety is created by a habitual pattern recreating in our thoughts and therefore brain pathways, of what was what once a legitimate concern, or anxiety, . Like a real situation we were or even now are facing… And in order to find an Equilibrium again, to be Restful within ourselves, and feel “OK” about Life, not under a threat of anything, we need to create new paths of expression and habits, that are restful, and allow us to be more in touch with Life and our real Self again. And the power of Music can alter our Moods and Emotions like nothing else can.  It makes sense that more than anything else, Music can help break the Anxiety and Stress Cycle . For this reason  SoulTides  Sound Therapeutic Music System is proving to be extremely effective in  helping people break these debilitating cycles. BACKGROUND After composing various successful Meditation tracks , a Psychotherapist suggested I try and create what she described as a “Sound Pill” or a Musical Soundtrack for people, as an alternative to Anti Depressants, as many people that are using these various drugs, don’t actually need them, rather they need healthy alternatives. Adding to this, I have been working with Music as pure SOUND, since my University of Cape Town Music College days where it all began. I was studying and using pure Sound Frequencies to explore the incredibly Deep Relaxing and calming effect they have on my own Mind and Feelings. And then in turn how this could effect other people who experienced the work I was doing, Since then I have developed a Unique system that helps to find an individuals specific Resonant Sound Frequencies. I have slowly discovered that this is actually Unique to everyone much like a Sonic or Audio Thumbprint. Listening to Music that has been created with this Focus, of combining the Resonant Sounds that cause a deeply harmonious effect on the Pathways of our brain, especially because Music deeply touches the heart and mind of the Listener, will help release our stress quite naturally. Therefor it will with regular use help to improve our whole-health, both physical emotional feelings wise, and mentally, allowing us to find a deeper sense of Peace and Balance. Relaxing music helps to lower blood pressure and decrease the level of stress hormones flowing through your body. Certain music also stimulates the relaxation response of your autonomic nervous system. This happens in part because the calming music helps you to slow down and paces your breathing, reducing your heart rate and pulse. Brain Wave Synchronization-Research also shows that music can powerfully affect the functioning of our brains. There is a growing body of Scientific and Medically tested evidence that is showing us just how important these effects can be on our health and general welfare of the entire Ecosystem within a Human Beings Body Emotions Feelings Mind and Soul. So what I have learned to is to compose Music  with the perfect Frequencies Specific to each Individual, and then Aligned with the Feelings, Likes and Listening strengths of each Individual, the Soundtrack created serves as an incredibly powerful Tool, when working with our Stress Management because of all of the above benefits …. In Other Words : By helping an Individual’s Mind focus on Music composed from their Personal Music tastes and preferences, combined with the Frequencies and Textures that Resonate with the Deepest Aspects of Ourselves, it then serves as a Brain Pattern Interrupt and disrupts the Negative Patterns ( Habits ) associated with and Amplifying the Stress Triggers. These “triggers” cause a seemingly endless cycle of Anxiety and Stress within our brains and bodies/ feelings/ emotions. So in using  the Frequencies and Music generated by the SoulTides Soundtrack it allows the Brain/Mind/feelings to get back into a Natural, Deeply Harmonious State – The State of Flow. It is this Inner Flow and Alignment of Our BODY (Chemicals Cells etc) FEELINGS ( Emotions ) MIND ( Quieter Thought Patterns Higher Aspirations Deeper Imagination ) SOUL (Intuition Insights Connection Empathy ) that Allows, Fascilates, Deep Inner change where it really counts resulting in a more Aligned Life, LifeStyle, Relationships with People Animals Nature etc. Scientific findings show that Music can change and influence the frequency of our brains , inducing the known benefits of Alpha Brainwaves. These Alpha Brain Waves are present when the mind is more deeply relaxed. After an extended period of time listening to relaxing music, the Brain Waves may further slow down enough to produce Theta waves associated with Deep Meditation practitioners. It is also why the SoulTIdes Soundtracks are proving to be equally very effective for people using them as a doorway to their own Mediation practices.