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Individually Composed Meditation Music  Created  From Your Personal Sound DNA SoulPrint 




Charles Bowes-Taylor

 The Maestro & Master | David Kantey
 An old friend of mine, a very talented artist and composer, David Kantey, has recently come up with a unique idea: the creation of a personalised ‘Sound Soulkey’.
The concept is based on him spending many hours with you in order to determine which musical frequencies resonate with you.
He composes all his own arrangements and, after spending this time with you, puts it all together and presents this unique creation to you.
I have loved and listened to his music for many years but nothing could have prepared me for the piece that he has just created for me.
The depths that David is able to go to with his own feelings and then get an intuitive sense of what is going to resonate and move you, is an experience that is impossible to describe.
His music goes way, way beyond the commonly know meditation pieces and music played in Yoga classes.
As the world leans more and more toward dreary mediocrity, David moves the other way and shines with his own brilliant musical light.
The piece that he composed for me found its way swiftly, deep down into my core and my Soul. The music engulfed me, and took me to places that I did not know existed within me, and I was lost in the ecstasy and agony of his playing.
In fact, I would be delighted if this piece of his could be playing when I one day move into another realm. So sublime is his music. In another life, he could have composed film scores amongst the likes of Ennio Morricone and Vangelis.
His idea behind this marvellous creation is to use this as a meditation tool and as a way of relieving anxiety and stress.
Music is such a powerful and safe mood altering substance. David Kantey has a unique gift and it really deserves to be shared. I urge you to listen to it…make sure that you are alone and preferably have headphones on.
By the way, his music is not for the faint hearted or the shallow.

George Tsougrianis Canadian Short Film and TV News Director :

David : I’m still lost for words regarding my SoulTides sound key. To say it is profound would be a gross understatement. Listening it for 2 days in a row now I noticed a few things.

First, I have a deep sense of love and gratitude for all of life and for being alive. Love is especially a strong emotion that surfaces along with hope. I can’t put my finger on it but every time the orchestra comes in I get this sensation of calm it’s like the equivalent of my mom telling me I’m okay only on a much more cosmic level.

It’s been a difficult week at work and being overwhelmed and I found myself using the key at the end of the day to relax and calm myself down which it does by this intense release of emotion. Also one other thing… i have this overwhelming urge to work with you on this somehow , that it’s the only thing that truly matters… connecting with this level of consciousness.. it usually surfaces in the orchestra section as well. It’s a bit of a ramble but I wanted to share some of this with you.


                                                  THE SOULTIDES PROCESS

SOULTIDES is a groundbreaking approach to ANXIETY AND STRESS RELIEF

It is also a wonderful and more easily accessible doorway to the benefits that the Daily practice of Meditation has on our entire Being.

Creating your SoulTide SoundTrack, involves an hour plus Online Session with me, Exploring, Finding and then from this process Discovering and  Creating a Template for an Individuals Unique Music/Sound “Fingerprint”. It astounds me still how specific and precise this Sound or SoulKey actually is….and how effective it becomes for each person.

It is the Specific Musical Frequencies that are most Resonant with an Individuals whole Being : Our Physical Brain, Feelings and Emotions that create a deep harmony within us.

Each Online Call is in itself a Deeply Healing and Therapeutic process, creating within each person a deep sense of Peace and Harmony during the session.

I then explore the type of Music and Musical Textures an Individual most responds to, by them listening to a whole variety of mini musical compositions I have created that allow me to understand very deeply what specific music the person is attracted to.

From this Template I can then spend the 20 hours plus minus to create a beautiful perfectly fitting Musical Soundtrack for each person that is utterly Unique and Resonant with their Being.

We then test this out together and I can make any small adjustments to perfect this so that it Fits Like  A Glove in the end.

This is then available as download to any device you may use to listen to it.