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Our ability to respond to Life’s challenges with a Positive rather than a Negative or Stress and Anxiety related state of Mind and Emotional responses


This Mental Fitness Training is the result of extensive and intensive Neuroscientific research, aimed at not only understanding how our brain responds to Life’s circumstances, but most importantly, discovering what exact practices and exercises, will lead to the restructuring of our Neural pathways, connected to our Positive thoughts and emotional responses to Life . The focus of these exercises works with those aspects of our Brains that generate Positive responses and simultaneously, significantly reducing the pathways and connections to the Negative inducing parts of our Brain .
What has become clear over recent times, is a greater Insight into how all the global Training Courses evolving around Emotional Intelligence and Productivity are failing significantly because real Transformation only occurred through practice and only needed 20% Insights ! Or Ah-ha moments.
NeuroScience has allowed us to understand as mentioned the exact exercises that will cause a fundamental and permanent shift and rewiring of our Brains, allowing for long- lasting Transformational change within ourselves, to live and express a more Positive way of daily life in all our relationships
We can then transition successfully and become more permanently wired to respond to life’s circumstances with a Positive and not a Negative stress based frame of mind
This includes our interpersonal relationships where most of our issues are found and cause us signifiant stress and anxiety. Emotional Intelligence courses and training have provided useful insights, but struggles to find long lasting results beyond a certain period once the course is finished.
Positive Intelligence is filling this vacuum accurately and significantly long term by rewiring our ACTUAL BRAINS and becoming Positive habits alongside our insights and AHA moments .


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Positive Intelligence and the Positive Intelligence Training System is based on Shirzad Chamine’s New York Times bestselling book, Stanford lectures, and breakthrough research work with hundreds of CEOs and their executive teams.
The Guiding Principle is : With greater self command over our own minds, and emotional responses, we can tackle our greatest challenges with more calmness, clarity, creativity, insight and wisdom, knowing where and how to take laser focused action, when necessary.


This extensive research at Stanford Universities Medical Research Center, is the basis of Shirzad Chamine’s New York Times bestselling book, Positive Intelligence, and Stanford lectures.
It is a synthesis of the latest breakthroughs in Neuroscience, Cognitive and Positive Psychology, and Performance Science.


Through Shirzad’s extensive research and his own personal experience of himself, he came to understand that we all have common characteristics that can be identified as the cause of all our disruptive negative thoughts and emotions that he termed Our Saboteurs.
They are the invisible negative mental emotional aspects that are the root cause of all our self-defeating behaviors, and represent our brain’s automatic mental habits of limiting beliefs and assumptions about how to handle life’s challenges. The constant negative and blaming voices in our heads… and the negative feelings generated by this.
Giving each of them a defined character Shirzad’s analysis and research discovered just 10 basic Characteristics
They include the Judge, Controller, Avoider, Victim, Stickler and 5 others.
Our Saboteurs feed into and cause all of our stress, unhappiness and negative feelings, and what the FMRI scans have shown is that these “ saboteurs” “live” or activate a different part of our Brain to the aspects of our Brain that generate all our Positive responses
This has allowed research to discover the exact exercises that are needed to permanently rewire our brain positively, dynamically ….
it has also showed that this is also The Zone of great athletes top sport stars etc
So we can therefore slowly learn to build the “muscles” that allow us to meet all of Life’s challenges by learning to activate the parts of ourselves that has a different “voice “ and uses a region of our brain that performs far better, while producing positive feelings like Curiosity, Empathy, Creativity, an Inner sense of Peace and with comes a laser focused ability to take appropriate Action.
Shirzad termed this part of ourselves our Sage

This 6 week MENTAL FITNESS TARINING PROGRAM has been adopted by these more familiar companies and institutions amongst the many that Shirzad has worked with over the years. He is regarded as one of the United States most respected and sought after Personal and Executive Coaches .

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“Life changing on so many levels.”
“Most of the trainings I’ve done fizzle out very quickly. I started this program a year ago and its impact on me keeps growing. It has been life changing on so many levels.
”I’m so much more effective and have so much less stress in every area of my life — from blowing past revenue targets at work, to far more fulfilling relationships at home.”
– Bruce Zali, VP of Sales & Marketing, Promise Technology


Within 6-8 weeks of MENATL FITNESS TRAINING you’d be able to see the results in MRI imaging :

Increased grey matter in the PQ Brain region, where your Sage lives
Decreased grey matter in the Survivor Brain region, where your Saboteurs live 
Improvements in these competencies lead to substantial results:

PQ TRAINING“Taking charge of your mind requires building powerful New “Muscles”in your brain, not just insight.”

The 6 week Intensive Mental Fitness Course:
Combining weekly live virtual sessions and an exclusive App, Shirzad Chamine guides you step-by-step over a six-week period to build the permanent new habits of your mind.


One of the unique and game changing aspects of this Training is the use of an App designed specifically for this 6 week Training
The App is regarded as a complete Game Changer by all who use it and is available only to participants in the program
It comes out of Sirzads interest in Technology and a Masters degree in Software Engineering from Columbia University .

Simply put : If you’re not physically fit, you’d feel physical stress as you climb a steep hill.
If you’re not mentally fit, we feel and experience all our familiar mental stresses, such as anxiety, frustration, and unhappiness, as you attempt to handle life , work and relationship challenges, using for most of us, the wrong responses and habits, resultant in a general sense of an unfulfilled relationship with Life in general.
80% of all people tested, score below the minimum level of mental fitness required for consistent well being and an overall sense of fulfilment and its resultant happiness.
With the recent breakthroughs in Neuroscience and its technology, Shirzad has been able to research the exact exercises and practices that cause our Brains to develop the “muscles “ that lead exactly and directly to improve your mental fitness significantly within 6 weeks of practice., and is visible when under FMRI scans as Neuroplastic growth in the associated areas of our Brains that are associated with all Positive Creative and performance enhanced capacities to stay in the zone at will.
All of this results in dramatically improved performance and productivity, and a calm, clear and happier mind.
Quite naturally this results in an improved relationship with oneself and Life around one.

Measuring Mental Fitness (PQ)
Mental fitness is a measure of the strength of your positive mental muscles (Sage) versus the negative (Saboteur).
Saboteurs react to challenges in ways that generate negative emotions such as stress, disappointment, self-doubt, regret, anger, shame, guilt, or worry.
Your Sage handles challenges through positive emotions like empathy, gratitude, curiosity, creativity, self-confidence, and calm, clear-headed, laser-focused action. The relative strength of your positive Sage versus negative Saboteurs is called PQ (Positive Intelligence Quotient).
PQ is the measure of your Mental Fitness. It’s the best predictor of how happy you are and how well you perform relative to your potential.
You can boost your PQ significantly with practice.
The 6 week course is based on the groundbreaking and ongoing research being conducted at Stanford Medical research centre where Shirzad holds a Phd in NeuroScience and is the hub of Elite sportsman from across the globe
PQ is a synthesis of recent breakthroughs in Neuroscience, Cognitive and Positive Psychology, and Performance Science. The Research includes:
hundreds of CEOs
sales, operations, and technology teams
Stanford students
Elite Prifessional Athletes
Over 400,000 participants from 50 countries 
This research was summarized in Shirzad Chamine’s book Positive Intelligence,
New York Times bestseller, translated into 20 languages.
The research reveals that:
Saboteurs and Sage live in entirely different regions of the brain.
You can cause a dramatic shift in brain activation to weaken Saboteurs and boost Sage.
3 core muscles constitute
Saboteur Inteceptor Muscle
Self Command Muscle
Sage Muscle


“Positive Intelligence has had a lasting and transformative impact on me and others in my organization.”

Lisa Stevens, Region President, Wells Fargo Bank
“Positive Intelligence can change your life and transform your business. A real gamechanger.”
James D. White, Chairman, President, and CEO, Jamba Juice

“Most change initiatives fizzle because of our mental “Saboteurs.” Shirzad gives us the tools to conquer them and create positive change that lasts… a must for any individual or team serious about unleashing peak performance.”

Dean Morton, former COO, Hewlett-Packard

“Developing a personal leadership model is one of the most practical, energy-saving, and stress-reducing things that anyone can do for themselves. Leaders at every level can use the PQ approach to get, and stay, on a more ‘winning’ trajectory …usable, lively, and compelling.”
Douglas R. Conant, former CEO, Campbell Soup Company

“The PQ model provides a solid basis for bringing meaning and significant change to one’s life. If you want to create major positive change in yourself, your team, or loved ones, read this book.”
Crittenden E. Brookes, MD, PhD, Stanford University

“Working with Shirzad has had a profound impact on me. The tools and techniques to raise PQ are simple, concrete and pragmatic, yet incredibly effective. They help me remain focused on what truly matters and grounded amidst the swirl of daily life.”
Jim Lanzone, President, CBS Interactive (CBS Corporation)

About Shirzad Chamine :

Shirzad is the author of the New York Times bestselling book Positive Intelligence.

He has been the CEO of the largest coach training organization in the world, having trained faculty at Stanford and Yale business schools.
Shirzad lectures on Positive Intelligence at Stanford University, where he guides graduate students through his popular six-week PQ training.
A preeminent C-suite advisor, Shirzad has coached hundreds of CEOs and their executive teams.
His background includes :
PhD studies in Neuroscience
BA in Psychology
MS in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University MBA from Stanford.
Shirzad Chamine is a former founder and Chairman of CTI (Coaches Training Institute), the largest coach-training organization in the world and Founder and CEO at Positive Intelligence Inc.
Since launching CTI in 2002 and up to 2008, Shirzad has already trained coaches and managers in most of the Fortune 500 companies, as well as faculty at Stanford and Yale Business School, being a Lecturer on Positive Intelligence there since 2009.
Besides, he has also been a Visiting professor at The University of San Francisco.
In addition, Shirzad has been a Speaker at the Commonwealth Club and a regional Board member for Young Presidents Organization.
Shirzad’s background includes PhD studies in Neuroscience in addition to a B.A in Psychology from San Francisco State University, an M.S in Electrical engineering from Columbia University School of Engineering, and an MBA from Stanford University.

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Stanford Lecturer and NY Times bestselling author Shirzad Chamine shares practical methods for how to grow our mental muscles and overcome our inner saboteurs. This conversation with Dr Mark Williamson was recorded at an Action for Happiness event on 10th Feb 2021.


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